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QTCCC focuses on clients’ needs and sticks to service tenets Integrity, Professionalism, Quality and Efficiency.

I   QTCCC will produce and compile for clients the whole set of application materials for verification purposes required by theNational Medical Products Administration (hereby refer to NMPA), Local Medical Products Administration(hereby refer to as Local MPA)or local evaluation institution, and complete the relevant application work within the shortest time possible according to stipulated application and approval process in China. (e.g. completing all the application work for Electronic Credence of Imported Cosmetics for General Purpose (hereafter referred to as E-Credence), Hygiene Permit Document of Imported Cosmetics for Special Purpose (hereafter referred to as Approval Document), Electronic Credence of Domestic Cosmetics for General Purpose (hereafter referred to as E-Credence) and Hygiene Permit Document of Domestic Cosmetics for Special Purpose (hereafter referred to as Approval Document) within three to eleven months and ensure that the products will pass the verification by relevant cosmetic hygiene permit administrative institutions).

II   QTCCC provides comprehensive consulting services concerning policies, regulations and application procedures and acts as the agent for the whole application process of obtaining E-CredenceApproval Document, recording the new general cosmetic ingredients, and also the Free Sales Certificate and cosmetic formula certification for domestic cosmetics. Clients only need to provide some necessary materials and samples; QTCCC will finish all relevant work.

III   One project supervisor will be appointed for each client. During the whole procedure, this project supervisor will be responsible for keeping close contact with the client concerning the application, submitting progress reports periodically and replying all the enquiries from the client on the relevant work.

IV   QTCCC will evaluate the accuracy, conformity and integrity of all materials (including but not limited to: the product’s Chinese name, reference of selecting Chinese name of product, the product formula, manufacturing process and technical flow chart, quality and safety control requirements, product instruction, safety assessment data for substances with potential safety risk, product packaging (including labels), Free Sales Certificate and other certificates needed in application) provided by the clients, and give advice on modification or make modification for the clients till they are in accord with the Chinese standards and the verification requirements of relevant institutions.

V   QTCCC will provide concrete guidance to the clients to complete the notarization process for relevant documents provided by clients according to registration requirement.

VI   As required by the China Food and Drug Administration, for cosmetics applying for CredenceDocumentElectronic Credence and Approval Document, the manufacturer must provide documents including but not limited to: the product formula, basis for naming the products in Chinese, an analytical report on the active ingredients and their effects, technical reference, manufacturing process and technical flow chart, quality and safety control requirements, the business registration license of Registration Responsible Party, which should be an independent legal entity in Mainland China, list of production equipment, and product instruction. QTCCC will provide professional and detailed consultation service and guidance with regards to all the above-mentioned documents according to the verification standard and requirement of the China Food and Drug Administration, and help clients to resolve any problems encountered in the process of providing the above documents.

VII   On behalf of its clients, QTCCC will deliver the samples of the declared product to the qualified Inspection Institution, follow-up on the progress of inspection on the samples of the declared products and report to the client on the progress of sample inspection.

VIII   On behalf of its clients, QTCCC will deliver the application materials and samples for verification to the NMPA or Local MPA and follow up the progress of the approval. QTCCC will complete amendments to the relevant application documents according to the requirements of relevant cosmetic hygiene permit administrative institutions, and feedback in time to the client on the supplementary documents required.

IX   For all the documents that should be provided by the clients, QTCCC will provide advice and guidance.

X   QTCCC will do all the translation from English to Chinese of the relevant application materials provided by the client.

XI   QTCCC can provide consulting and transacting service for clients in Mandarin, Cantonese or English according to the need and requirement of clients.

XII   QTCCC can provide on-site consultation for clients in Guangdong province.

XIII   QTCCC will keep all the application materials provided by clients confidential.

XIV   If the application fails, QTCCC promises:
i. Re-apply for free for the disapproved cosmetic product or the other product designated by the client until it obtains E-Credence or Approval Document (the Inspection fee and Notarization fee involved in re-applying will all be borne by QTCCC); or a 100% refund of the Consultation fee, Inspection fee and Notarization fee of the disapproved cosmetic product.

ii. Return 50% of the Consultation Fee of the disapproved new cosmetic ingredient.


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