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Confidentiality Statement

Customers’ documents are one of the bases enabling us to provide high-quality services to our customers. The security of customers’ documents is our priority. It is our fundamental policy to value and safeguard the security of customers’ documents. Compliance with the Confidentiality Statement is not only QTCCC’s solemn promise to our customers, but also the direct responsibility of the management and every employee of QTCCC.
Customers’ trust in us is our most important property. We protect the security of customers’ documents by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that meet or exceed applicable law. We train our employees in the proper handling of customers’ documents. When we use other companies to provide services for us, we require them to protect the confidentiality of customers’ documents they receive from us.
This Confidentiality Statement stipulates clearly:
I QTCCC’s purposes of document collection;
II The important controls employed by QTCCC for protection of customers’ documents;
III The classes of persons or entities QTCCC can transfer customers’ documents to;
IV The right of access to and correction of customers’ documents of customers and their relevant persons or entities.
I   QTCCC’s Purposes of Document Collection
i. From time to time, it is necessary for a customer to supply QTCCC with relevant documents of their company or their products in connection with signing an Authorization Confirmation with QTCCC, enquiring on the services before signing an Authorization Confirmation or providing services after signing the Authorization Confirmation.
ii. Failure to supply such documents may result in QTCCC being unable to provide consultation services or relevant agent services to the customer.
iii. The purpose for which customers’ documents may be used by QTCCC or any person who has obtained such documents from QTCCC are as follows:-
(i) QTCCC designing services for a Document Subject's use according to the customers’ requirement;
(ii) QTCCC answering inquiries of a Document Subject and providing consultation services to it;
(iii) QTCCC signing Authorization Confirmation with a Document Subject;
(iv) The service process of QTCCC relating to the aforesaid Authorization Confirmation;
(v) Notarization of documents relating to the aforesaid Authorization Confirmation;
(vi) Inspection of products relating to the aforesaid Authorization Confirmation;
(vii) Product registration relating to the aforesaid Authorization Confirmation;
(viii) Financial matters relating to the aforesaid Authorization Confirmation;
(ix) Other purposes relating to the aforesaid Authorization Confirmation;
(x) Other relevant purposes concerning QTCCC and a Document Subject.

II   The Important Controls Employed by QTCCC for Protection of Customers’ Documents
Customers’ documents held by QTCCC will be kept confidential. Physical documents are properly locked and electronic documents are stored in a mainframe system located within a restricted area. Access to these documents are prohibited unless with authorization or password. The document security system of QTCCC has the following features:
i.  The customers’ documents kept by QTCCC are under the control of assigned information officers who are responsible to ensure the transfer of or access to documents is legitimate and is in compliance with the Confidentiality Principle; Internal Confidentiality Principle of QTCCC prohibits any direct or indirect leakage, release, publication or letting other party acquire customers’ documents, unless it is approved by the customer (and the approval should be traceable) or permitted by this statement;
ii.  Access authorization to documents is granted on a need-to-know basis and is subject to periodic review by the management;
iii. There is a violation logging process for investigation of any unauthorized attempt to access information;
iv. Encryption technology is employed for sensitive documents; surveillance video is used to guarantee documents’ safety.
v. Confidential documents that are no longer required will be destroyed in accordance with the internal retention period;
vi. QTCCC will strictly comply with the confidentiality terms that we have specifically drawn with our customer in case the customer puts forward other special confidentiality requirements.

III   The Classes of Persons or Entities QTCCC can Transfer Customers’ Documents to Documents held by QTCCC relating to a customer will be kept confidential but we may provide such document to:
i. Internal departments and employees of QTCCC that have direct or indirect working relations to the consultation or authorization of the Document Subject;
ii. Any other person or entity who has established or proposes to establish business relationship with QTCCC relating to the consultation or authorization of the Document Subject, including but not limited to courier company, customs broker, service providers for QTCCC’s internet and software;
iii. Entities or persons appointed by the Document Subject which have business relations with it; These entities or persons are confirmed by the Document Subject in written form (such as the Authorization Confirmation signed by the Document Subject and QTCCC); If any change or increase of these entities or persons is raised by the Document Subject, the relevant written confirmation signed or stamped by the Document Subject should be provided;
iv. The government organizations, notary public, inspection institutions, banking corporations and other relevant persons or entities relating to the consultation or authorization of the Document Subject to QTCCC;
v. Entities or persons appointed by the Document Subject which have business relations with it as mentioned in item c have no right to appoint or authorize proxy to exercise the right of access to/ inquiry about the Document Subject’s documents— unless the proxy obtained the special authorization signed or stamped by the Document Subject;
vi. Any actual or proposed assignee of QTCCC or participant or sub-participant or transferee of all or any part of the assets or business of QTCCC. In this event, QTCCC will notify the Document Subject before customers’ document is transferred.

IV   The Right of Access to and Correction of Customers’ Documents of Customers and Their Relevant Persons or Entities
i. The Document Subject should specify in the Authorization Confirmation signed with QTCCC the persons or the entities that have the right of access to its documents. QTCCC will refuse any person or entity that is not specified in the Authorization Confirmation (whether or not there exists any relationship between the persons or entities and the Document Subject) to have access to any document of the Document Subject;
ii. Before the customer signs Authorization Confirmation with QTCCC, or specifies in written form the relevant persons or entities that have the right of access to the documents, QTCCC will refuse any person or entity to have access to the documents of the customer except the contact person of the customer.
iii. Each time customers or their relevant persons or entities make corrections to the documents, a written confirmation by the Document Subject should be obtained.
iv. In respect of QTCCC, requests for access to documents or for information regarding policies and practices are to be addressed as follows:

Manager of Administration & Management Department, QTCCC
Manager of Product Registration Department, QTCCC
The Assigned Information Officer of Administration & Management Department, QTCCC

V   Amendment to the Confidentiality Policy
QTCCC may update its confidentiality policy from time to time to ensure its effectiveness and conformity to the principle of keeping the customers’ documents confidential. We will notify our customers in time about significant changes in the confidentiality policy. From the date when this Confidential Agreement is in effect, all the previous editions of Confidential Agreement provided by QTCCC to Customers become invalid.
The 5th Edition      Effective Date: December, 2013



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