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Website Statement



Privacy Protection Statement of Quality and Technology Certification and Consultation Service Centre, Guangdong Beauty and Cosmetics Association(hereinafter called “QTCCC”) Website (http://www.qtccc.com, hereinafter called “QTCCC Website”) is a promise of ensuring customers’ privacy. As a professional enquiry website, QTCCC website has direct or indirect interactive relationship with you inevitably; at the meanwhile, it is utmost important to protect your data and professional information. So the following will detail the QTCCC Website’s policies concerning the collection, use and protection of customers’ personalized data. Please read carefully.


1.Non-personalized Information

We will collect your non-personalized information, for example, feature of browser, category of operating system, time of visit, etc. through IP address in order to analyze the number of visitors and improve the management and service of website.

2.Personalized data

When you send enquiry messages through QTCCC Website, they won’t be sent out successfully until you offer your email address and enquiry messages after your confirmation.



This technology can offer you accurate information. QTCCC Website transmits Cookies to your browser and stores in the operating system of your computer. QTCCC Website uses Cookies in some of the web pages so as to provide better service when you revisit. Users may choose to be notified when a server sends a cookie, then you can decide to accept it or not.



QTCCC is the only one right owner of this privacy protection statement and its modification right and updated right.



    QTCCC website assumes no responsibility of the following cases.

   (1If your personalized data and customer information is leaked out because you tell others about what you have


            provided to QTCCC Website;


  (2Any information leaked, lost, stolen or changed by force majeure including Hacker attack, computer virus invading


           or out breaking and temporary closed by governmental order.



All the copyright of text, pictures, articles, audio and videos, etc. of QTCCC Website belong to QTCCC. Any media websites or individuals shall not quote, link, repost, copy or other ways without the authorization agreement from QTCCC. Those who have an authorization agreement with QTCCC must mark the source of articles “Quality and Technology Certification and Consultation Service Centre, Guangdong Beauty and Cosmetics Association” when downloading, offenders will be liable to be prosecuted according to law by QTCCC Website.


QTCCC is the only one right owner of QTCCC Website and its modification right and updated right.


Website Statement