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QTCCC Seminar in Cosmoprof Asia 2017: Get a Chinese Visa for Your Cosmetics!


Date: Friday, November 17th, 2017

Time: 11:30 -12:30

Venue: The Forum, Hall 3F, Level 3, HKCEC

Language: English

Free admission



Visitors to China are required to obtain Chinese visas. Similarly, the imported cosmetics to China market are required to obtain cosmetic “visas” issued by CFDA, which is the Registration Credence of Imported Cosmetics for Non-Special Purpose or the Hygiene Permit Document of Imported Cosmetics for Special Purpose. So what kinds of cosmetics could apply for such “visa”? How to apply for it and what are the difficulties? With the application numbers of cosmetics increasing, how can we keep up to date with the latest supervision and control of the China government? Is there an easy and simplified channel to get the “visa”? QTCCC will give advice on the above questions.



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1.      What kinds of cosmetics could apply for cosmetic “visa” in China?

1)Comparison among definitions of cosmetics in different countries

2)Classification of cosmetics from consumer’s point of view

3)Definition of cosmetics from the aspect of CIQ


       2.      Tendency of applying for cosmetic “visa”

1)Pilot Cosmetic Approval Process in Shanghai Pudong New Zone

2)Tendency of cross border E-commerce

3)Success rate of obtaining the cosmetic “visa”


3.      Difficulties of obtaining cosmetic “visa” in China


      4.    Easy and simplified channel of obtaining the cosmetic “visa”


      5.     Questions & Answers



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