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Newly Appointed Manager of Technical Department – Celine Yu



Ms. Celine Yu was newly appointed as the Manager of Technical Department in QTCCC .



Since joining QTCCC in Year 2003, Ms. Celine Yu has been in QTCCC’s product registration technical position and management positions for a long time, and has accumulated abundant work experiences in product registration and solid team management experiences. Ms. Celine Yu has served as QTCCC’s Technical Specialist, Acting Manager of QTCCC’s Domestic Project Department, Manager of QTCCC’sSecond Technical Department, Manager of QTCCC’s  Technical Department, Manager of QTCCC’s Management Department.




Ms. Celine Yu is prudent and careful with work details, and always plans ahead and prepare for all possibilities. She has a good foresight for work plans, and manage the team with cohesion.


With her excellent customer service knowledge, strong sense of responsibility, superior project management ability and team management experience, Ms. Celine Yu will certainly continue to lead QTCCC’s Technical Department to a better new development stage, and achieve greater results!


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